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As we proceed with our work on this unit, please remember the five themes of geography
  • Location (both relative and absolute)
  • Place
  • Region
  • Human Environment/ Interaction
  • Movement NERD\\\d\asd\sa\\d\sa\d\sa\d\sa\d\
  • Future

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Week 1:
Geography of Latin America- Coastlines, Islands, and Forests Oh My!
Q: How do the Geographic/Climate features of Latin America influence the cultures of the region? (from @twilliamson15)
Q: Why is Latin America referred to as Latin? (via twitter from @sciencebase)
Q. Does climate play a role in the biomes of Latin America? (
Q: How have the native people adapted to the rainforest climate? (
Q: How have people of Latin America "changed" their countries' geographic features in order to survive and strive? Alternatively, how have the people of Latin American evolved to better take advantages of their respective countries' ecosystems to thrive? (from @DrGarcia)
Q: What kinds of human interactions have a negative effect in Latin America?(
Q. What types of animals live in which regions of Latin America? (

Week 2:
Ancient Latin Americans- What do we know? Maybe more importantly what don't we know?
Q: Why are the ancient people of Latin America portrayed so violently?
Q: Why was it so easy for the Spanish to "colonize" Latin America when there were such strong civilizations already there?
Q: Why is it important that we understand the ancient people of Latin America? What do they have to do with us here in Vermont?
Q: What relationship(s) exist between the Native American people of the United States to the "ancient Latin Americans"? (from @DrGarcia)

Week 3:
Mexico- Our neighbor to the South
Q: What is the difference between authentic Mexican food and Tex-Mex food (via Mrs. Vig)
Q: Who's responsibility is it to patrol our borders? Why isn't this the same issue with Canada? (from @lamoureuxr)
Q: What does a typical 12 year old student eat in Mexico and how does it compare to a a typical EMS student? (from
Q: Why is Cinco de Mayo celebrated? (from
Q: Why was the border fence established by the US? (from
Q: What impact does the border fence between the US and Mexico have on people on either side? (from

Week 4:
The Caribbean- More than a just a vacation spot
Q: How do the people living in the Caribbean deal with hurricanes? (from @TeachPaperless)
Q: Why do Caribbean folks living on the different islands speak so many different langagues? (from @DrGarcia)
Q: How did the people of Haiti get to be so poor? Did the government of Haiti have something to do with it? (
Q: How old is the landscape of Costa Rica? (Theron and Jake)
Q: Why are tlol

Final Project:
Product of the Rain forest
Project explanation